I Heard a Voice Say “Never Throw in the Towel”

I Heard a Voice Say “Never Throw in the Towel”A Mother’s Battle for her Son’s Life

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“Enriching, rewarding and restorative. The perfect medicine for anyone feeling lost, abandoned or hopeless. Readers will revel in the tenacity and ardor of this family and those in their support network. Offers unparalleled insight into how to make things work out right.” —Pam Diaz, author of Pamiel: Diary of an Angel in Transformation to the Infinite Light

“Filled with optimism, drive and spiritual zest, this beautiful, candid book is the perfect gift for any season. It is the closest you may ever come on this planet to knowing God’s perfect love.” —Loretta Pitilli, author of Creating Our Pilgrimage

“From tragedy to triumph, here is a look at the human cost of the cold-blooded business side of today’s healthcare system. An eye-opener with an impassioned, inspiring ending. Readers will rejoice!” —Jack Armstrong, author of With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

At 19, Darien Smith had his whole life ahead of him. He attended college, worked part-time, jogged every morning, and loved to dance. His mothier, Linda, who raised him to have unshakable faith and an indomitable spirit, believed he could do just about anything.

But all of that changed in an instant, when an on-the-job accident left Darien paralyzed, and left Linda to fight for his life.

Calling on her unwavering faith in God and her belief that love is the most powerful force in the universe, Linda fought tooth and nail for Darien's right to live a full and productive life despite his injuries. When the government and corporate agents refused him nursing care, housing, and even his right to stay alive, Linda took them all on and brought Darien the justice he deserved.

Handling adversity with patients and a will to thrive no matter how hard it might seem, Darien and Linda prove that anyone who trusts in God can triumph against any and all odds.