Listen to what others are saying:

I met you Saturday [10/08/11] at Southlake Mall with my two daughters. One was in a wheelchair; her name is Taji and you took a picture with her. We were in another store and she was reading it out loud when a woman came over to her to find out what she was reading. She said it seems very interesting and she will have to pick up a copy for herself. Every time my daughter Jada finishes a chapter she tells us all about it. We really appreciate the book. I wish you and your family the best. God Bless. —Gigi Washington (click on photo for a larger view)

“Enriching, rewarding and restorative. The perfect medicine for anyone feeling lost, abandoned or hopeless. Readers will revel in the tenacity and ardor of this family and those in their support network. Offers unparalleled insight into how to make things work out right.” —Pam Diaz, author of Pamiel: Diary of an Angel in Transformation to the Infinite Light

“Filled with optimism, drive and spiritual zest, this beautiful, candid book is the perfect gift for any season. It is the closest you may ever come on this planet to knowing God’s perfect love.” —Loretta Pitilli, author of Creating Our Pilgrimage

“From tragedy to triumph, here is a look at the human cost of the cold-blooded business side of today’s healthcare system. An eye-opener with an impassioned, inspiring ending. Readers will rejoice!” —Jack Armstrong, author of With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

“Wow, is all I have to say first Ms. Linda! I just got finished visiting your site and reading the story about Darien. How inspirational! This is truly a testimony of how wonderful the Spirit of God is!!!

“As we are all individual incarnations of God, the SPIRIT works through us, as us, and we are always in touch with The SOURCE. This gives me so much comfort as I just live day to day.

“I know that Darien will continue to be in the greatest health, because that's just the way it IS. I'd love to find out more information on your publishing and speaking engagements, as I intend on sharing my "story" and testimony to others as well.

“I feel compelled to, and I feel that it's my obligation to show others just how blessed I am.” —Teri Holmes

“Ya'lls book is magnificent. It made me laugh, cry, feel sorry for myself, hate the way ignorant people act, and it gave me hope for my boys. It is a testimony for so many of us... similar situation different cast. We all have dealt with difficulties in life, but you and Darien had the strength of God and the love of Jesus that made you say go for it, I have nothing more to lose but much to gain. I am sure so many lives across the world have been inspired to never give up because God has the final say no matter what we try to do or say. I am very proud of you and Darien. You and Apostle have done a marvellous thing with your life stories.” —Alicia Hutchins